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Soft Skills Are in Demand. Can They Be Measured?

Whether or not soft skills are important in the workplace is no longer up for debate. We’ve written in depth about the topic, and we’re not the only ones. LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report identified soft skills as the biggest trend transforming the talent landscape, with 80 percent of respondents saying employees’ soft skills are…

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Leadership Communication for Women in Charge

Some of the questions we’re asked most frequently here at Quantified are about the differences in the way men and women should communicate if they want to be perceived as respectable, authoritative leaders. After all, it’s incredible just how often we see women in leadership positions being criticized (or praised, sure, but more often criticized)…

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The Not-So-Soft Skill Every Leader Needs to Succeed

Soft skills. People skills. Emotional intelligence. These are buzzwords we hear every day. They’re the qualities we should aspire to as professionals and leaders if we want to be successful at inspiring others, elevating our brands, and improving our companies’ bottom lines. But when it comes to defining these skills—not to mention developing them—we have…

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