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How to Include Soft Skills in Sales Performance Coaching

Sales Performance Coaching Needs a Soft Skills Component. Here’s Why: Every sales rep is only able to exceed quota when they communicate well. But sales team leaders may have a difficult time assessing the whole range of skills of their representatives during sales performance coaching. Tracking essential soft skills, which are highly relevant in post-pandemic…

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Key to Sales Success: Implement Soft Skills Training for Your Sales Team

What Are Soft Skills? It is common for sales leaders to underestimate certain, less obvious abilities. Soft skills may be among them, mainly because managers, while they understand their critical importance,  believe they can’t measure them adequately. In reality, new advances in behavioral science and conversation intelligence make these skills as measurable as technical product…

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What to Expect in This Month’s Democratic Debate

Campaign season is well under way for the 2020 election, and for most Americans, that signals a time to think carefully about candidates’ policies, platforms, credentials, and values. For the team here at Quantified, we’re also taking a careful look at the  candidates’ communication styles.

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Developing a Culture of Inclusion in the Workplace

In recent years, inclusion has evolved from an idealistic workplace buzzword to a must-have component of company culture. Definitions vary from source, but inclusion boils down to the idea that, regardless of background, viewpoints, or beliefs, every team member’s contributions are valued and worthy of respect.

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“Tell Me About Yourself.” How to Craft a Compelling Personal Narrative

If you’ve ever been to a job interview—or an interview for just about anything, for that matter, you’ve fielded the request, “Tell me about yourself.” It seems innocuous and oh-so simple, doesn’t it? But chances are, that question has made you feel like a deer in headlights at least once. “Tell her about myself? What…

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To Retain Top Employees, Give Them the Tools They Need to Succeed

There’s no two ways about it: employee retention is a critical driver of a financially healthy organization. Retaining talent isn’t easy, but research has shown that the cost of replacing just one employee can soar to nine months of that single employee’s salary, and Gallup has found that turnover among millennials alone costs the US…

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Three Storytelling Tools to Make Your Communication Captivating

If you’ve been following our research and our blog, you know that, here at Quantified, we’re big believers in the power of storytelling. We know that storytelling language and structure make communication significantly more memorable, and we know they have a distinct neurological and chemical effect on our audience’s brains. But what does it take…

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The Benefits of Personalized Curricula in Higher Education

For years, researchers, school districts, and policymakers have been focusing on ways to enhance elementary school learning through personalized learning plans. Harvard University released a report earlier this year, finding that while personalized learning plans are powerful for elementary students, they are largely underutilized in schools, according to Education Dive.

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