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Revamping Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness Metrics

Why Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness Metrics Changed In general, traditional pharma sales force effectiveness metrics cover reach and frequency, self and manager assessment of good selling outcomes, and prescription data (total prescriptions (TRx) and new-to-brand (NBRx)). Sales effectiveness measures whether a sales process can grow company revenue and satisfy customers at the same time. It…

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What Are the Best Pharmaceutical Sales Coaching Tools?

Why Using Pharmaceutical Sales Coaching Tools Motivates Reps It may be no secret to you at this point that your sales reps face more challenges than ever before. Virtual customer calls imposed a whole new set of hurdles that you and your team can only overcome with the right pharmaceutical sales coaching tools.  A recent…

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Top Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Tips

The Case for Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Tips in a Virtual Age Applying specific pharmaceutical sales rep tips for virtual times is a must. Traditional coaching practices and motivational techniques may not be as effective for your field force today. They need to develop strong empathy and connection, even more now, at a time when healthcare…

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Optimizing Pharmaceutical Sales Training Programs for Video Detailing Calls

The Main Challenges for Pharmaceutical Sales Training Programs in the Post-Pandemic Years Sales teams everywhere faced new challenges thanks to the pandemic, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Managers are reshaping pharmaceutical sales training programs so sales reps can be just as empathetic with healthcare providers (HCPs) online as they are face-to-face. Below is…

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The Best Pharmaceutical Selling Techniques for the “New Normal”

Why Did Pharmaceutical Selling Techniques Change? Without a doubt, the pandemic changed the way many companies do business, including how the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries communicate with healthcare practitioners (HCPs). This is why the field forces have implemented pharmaceutical selling techniques to fulfill their mission of helping HCPs find out about new treatments so they…

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Tips for Professional Sales Coaching for Your Pharma Field Force

Discover the Power of Video Skills in Professional Sales Coaching The pandemic has changed virtually everything, including professional sales coaching. Before covid-19, development program topics focused on measurable variables, manual observation, and analysis procedures. Today, it is imperative to pay closer attention to subtle yet powerful skills related to video conversations with healthcare professionals (HCPs).…

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How Are Data and AI Enhancing Pharmaceutical Field Forces?

A year after the pandemic forced pharma reps to switch suddenly from in-person to virtual sales calls, sales teams across the pharmaceutical industry are considering how to move back to in-person promotion. As the first wave of the pandemic peaked, in-person selling dropped to just 8% of all promotional activity. The good news, according to…

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