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Can We Use Computational Social Science to Detect Fake News?

In case you hadn’t heard, 2020 is an election year. And that means we’ll be inundated with political news from all sides (as if we hadn’t been already). But in this “post-truth” world of fake news and alternative facts, how can we ensure that what we’re reading, believing, and sharing leading up to the election…

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Employee Performance

Evaluating Employee Performance: Are You Ahead of the Game?

The primary goal for a leader in HR or talent development is to recruit and develop the kind of employees that will have a positive impact on the organization’s operations, productivity, and culture—in short, the kind of employees that will contribute to the organization’s overall success.

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Identifying Org Trends

3 Ways Behavioral Analytics Will Transform Learning and Development

Research has found the overwhelming majority of executives and learning and development professionals, not to mention employees, value ongoing professional development. And topping the list of priorities? Communication. Up to 80 percent of professional activity is grounded in communication, and those skills drive success across every department and initiative.

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Our Data-Driven Obsession with Behavioral Analytics

Recently, one of our clients referred to us as his “Fitbit for communication,” and we were ecstatic. Not only because that was high praise from a leader we respect, but because, as the icon of behavioral analytics, the Fitbit is just about the most flattering comparison we could think of.

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