Announcing The Quantified Communications Index

If there’s one trend prevailing in our work with Fortune 500 leaders, it’s that their audiences demand authenticity. We find ourselves deep in conversations about the pressures these execs face to perform authentically in front of a variety of audiences and live up to the evolving dynamics of what’s expected of them. It’s a well-known challenge among CEOs…

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How Jamie Dimon Became the Most Authentic CEO in the Fortune 100

This fall, we set out to use our communication analytics platform to identify the most authentic CEOs from our nation’s largest companies. Authentic communication is measured by a number of components of a speaker’s content and delivery style (read more about it here), but when you get down to it, we were looking for CEOs…

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Who Are the Most Authentic CEOs in the Fortune 100?

If there’s one trend prevailing in our work with Fortune 100 leaders, it’s that their audiences demand authenticity. Realizing the growing importance of this characteristic, we set out to objectively measure the communication effectiveness of the CEOs at the nation’s 100 largest companies, and we ranked them based on their authenticity.

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How Authentic Leaders Communicate

More and more when we talk about our leaders and public figures, the discussion turns to whether those leaders are “authentic.” We’ve seen it in public commentary on politics and in our own work with executives across the country. Audiences are demanding authenticity from their leaders.

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