Webinar: AI-Powered Sales from Content to Coaching: What Sales Leaders Need to Know

AI will revolutionize sales - but how? Will your sellers be replaced by robots? (Probably not). Will AI micromanage your team’s daily tasks? (Maybe, but that’s kind of low value). Will it help your team rise to their potential with better messaging, better sales conversations, and more deals? (YES, that’s what we want).

What you'll learn:

  • How AI will impact sales leaders
  • Why AI is a sales team's best friend for creating content
  • How to upskill reps to make every sales conversation count
  • Success stories from major brands

About your hosts:

Noah Zandan

Noah is the CEO and Co-founder of Quantified, and a pioneer in applying behavioral science to elevate human performance. Under Noah’s leadership, Quantified has become the global standard for developing people’s ability to thrive and excel professionally in a society where extraordinary communication opens the doors to influence, connection, and success. Noah is a best-selling author of Insights into Influence and he has delivered main-stage TED and TED-Ed Talks with over 17 million views. Noah formerly specialized in quantitative analysis on Wall Street for Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, and for Private Equity firm Brentwood Associates. He has an Economics degree from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Matt Millen
Co-Founder and President, Regie.ai 

Matt Millen is a veteran of the tech industry with over 30 years of experience leading high-performance sales teams. His sweet spot is focusing on business growth through sales excellence and customer experience design and he believes passionately in putting the human touch back into sales. In addition to being Co-Founder and President at Regie.ai, Matt's 5-to-9 dance card is full of interests including fast cars and rollercoasters; his diverse hobbies may even outshine his professional accolades (we said may).

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