We Love Communication Coaches

Power your clients’ success with Quantified.

Here at Quantified, we believe communication coaches play a critical role in helping leaders and professionals achieve their goals by improving the way they connect with colleagues, clients, investors, and other key stakeholders. And we also know that, by arming themselves with objective data on communication effectiveness and the particular skills that drive audience perception, coaches can much more effectively support their clients.

After all, it can be difficult to inspire clients to embrace solutions following the bad news—that their delivery needs work. Clients often take those evaluations personally, dwelling on the negatives rather than trusting the coach’s solutions. But a coach who is armed with data can let the numbers deliver the tough love, focusing instead on improvement as the foundation of the coaching relationship. This approach leads to more productive work and much faster progress.

While Quantified does not currently offer individual licenses for communication coaches, we do firmly believe AI-supported coaching is the future of executive communication training, and we are happy to discuss how we can leverage the Quantified platform to support your enterprise clients at scale.

Email us at info@quantified.ai to start the conversation.

In the meantime, we’d like to offer these resources to help you add objective communication data to your coaching practice to help your clients achieve their individual goals:


Ultimate Guide to Effective Communications ebook cover

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Communication

Whether they're online or in-person, leaders can more effectively impact their audiences if they have the right communication skills. This guide provides everything your clients need to know to improve their influence, engage their audiences, and become extraordinary communicators.

Quantified Assets CoverMocks VideoCommTrends eBook 1

The 3 Trends Transforming How Your People Connect

Helping clients navigate the new world of virtual and hybrid communication brings its own challenges. This report outlines our key findings around what makes extraordinary virtual communicators and, more importantly, the insights we’ve discovered to help leaders excel in this new era of communication.

3 Ways Inclusive Leaders Communicate

The 3 Ways Inclusive Leaders Communicate

As a focus on diversity reshapes the business landscape, the leaders coaches are supporting must develop a new set of skills in order to keep their organizations ahead of the curve. What does inclusive leadership look like, and how can you help your clients learn to foster—and thrive in—increasingly diverse environments?

TED Visionary

How to Speak Like a Visionary

Many of our most admired leaders are considered "visionaries," showing us it's possible to achieve ambitious dreams. This TED Talk by CEO Noah Zandan, and the accompanying white paper, reveals all you need to help you clients become visionary communicators.

WP ceo activism

When Leaders Take Sides on Social Issues

In today's divisive political landscape, more and more corporate leaders are taking stands on political and social issues. But, communicated poorly, executive activism can hurt a company's reputation and bottom line. This guide will help you show leaders a better way.

ROI of Investing in Communications WP Cover

The ROI of Investing in Communication Skills

If your enterprise client could benefit from personalized, objective, and cost-effective coaching across the organization, we hope you’ll introduce them to Quantified. This guide will help you make the case for the investment.