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How Sanofi Used AI to Certify 100% of the Team on Product Launch




Managing a field sales team certification process may be one of the most complex parts of taking a new immunization to market. After FDA approval, team members must be certified before starting to sell, so efficiency is key to accelerating time to market. That's where Quantified's AI-powered Sales Simulator stepped in to speed up the rollout.

Sanofi faced the challenge of certifying their sales team swiftly following FDA approval for a new RSV immunization. The traditional certification process was time-consuming and resource-intensive, resulting in significant downtime for team members.

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  • How Sanofi Certified 100% of Their Sales Team Quickly and Efficiently:
    Discover the AI-driven approach that saved 250 hours and certified 500 team members in record time.
  • Implementing AI-Powered Training:

    Learn how Sanofi enhanced training efficiency and team proficiency using Quantified’s AI Sales Simulator.

Discover how transformed Sanofi’s certification process, improving efficiency and the learning experience.


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"Quantified provides a realistic sales presentation experience. It allows our sales representatives to present and answer real questions they will encounter from our prospects."

Greg Tolmachoff

VP of Sales Operations, OpenLending

"With Quantified, we really felt that we had found our solution. It was super easy for the learners, and the managers were able to start coaching right away."

Chrissy Richards

Director of Commercial Training, Sanofi

"This is the biggest sales no-brainer I've seen in my sales career."

Kevin Kutler

Head of Training, Regeneron

“This is super. Thanks for making us look good!”

SVP, Talent & Culture, Dell

“This is transforming how we do sales management and coaching. The insights are driving significant growth”

Organizational Development, Global Sales & Customer Operations, Dell

"I love the ability for my reps to get practice without being concerned about who is looking at the video. It's like a personal AI coach for each of them. And this saves me a ton of time!”

Sales Manager

Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical Company