You want your corporate content to reflect the best of your brand, in every format and every channel.

We help businesses ensure their messaging is effective, distinctive, and consistent across all channels.

Measure your most critical communications against competitive and industry benchmarks and best-in-class standards.

  • Internal communications
  • Press releases
  • Brand messaging
  • CSR reports
  • Major announcements
  • Content marketing
  • Websites

Corporate content comes from countless writers and spans dozens of channels. How do you ensure it's sending the right message every time?

When content comes from a variety of contributors and spans a range of topics, it’s difficult to make sure every message contributes to a unified corporate voice. But inconsistencies in tone and quality of content can confuse and, in some cases, frustrate audiences. Quantified Communications can work with you to measure your corporate communications, evaluate each channel for consistency and quality, and help your team establish one unified voice for your brand.

Step 1

Corporate Communication Diagnostic

We start by analyzing a representative sample of content to evaluate — across a variety of channels and from a variety of authors — the overall quality, impact, and consistency of your organization’s content.

Step 2

Feedback, Recommendations, and Style Guides

Based on the strengths and improvement opportunities our initial analysis pinpoints, we create a customized improvement plan and style guide to ensure every contributor’s content conveys the company's message in the most effective way.


Step 3

Ongoing Analytics and Tracking

We measure future corporate content on a regular basis to ensure your organization's writers are successfully implementing the recommendations in the style guide. This ongoing tracking allows communication teams to see how much the consistency and quality has increased across channels, and where there is still room for improvement.

We also help with critical communication campaigns, from crisis communication to brand reviews to new websites.

Client Stories

“Our client wanted the prepared remarks section of its earnings calls to match the more natural tone of the Q&A. We provided data-driven recommendations to help the scriptwriter craft remarks that more closely aligned with the CFO’s personal voice, resulting in a clearer, more engaging earnings call. Investors appreciated the improvement.”

Fortune 50 Technology

"Our client wanted to proactively improve its communications to boost financial media sentiment. We ran a sentiment and topical analysis of the client’s media coverage to help identify reporters who were bullish on the industry. Empowered with our data, the client was able to target the right reports and increase media sentiment by over 20%."

Fortune 40 CPG

"As a new CFO prepared for her first earnings call, we analyzed her public speaking skills compared to her predecessor and her primary competitors. We armed the CFO with the data and rehearsal preparation necessary to make her first call resonate, helping her earn investors’ and analysts’ trust right away."

Fortune 500 Financial Services

"Our client hired an agency to conduct a major brand refresh, and wanted objective data on the consistency of its communications across European markets. Our analysis identified specific opportunities to better align core themes and increase the brand’s credibility by ensuring audience perception matched the company’s intended message."

Fortune 20 Financial Services

"Our client wanted to make its CSR reporting more accessible. Based on our analysis of thousands of CSR communications, we identified key language and distribution trends to help our client optimize its CSR reporting across all channels and for all readers, enhancing the company’s reputation with investors and customers alike."

Fortune 1000 Technology

"Our client was refreshing its website to make it look and feel less like a startup and more like an established, public company. We benchmarked our client’s web content against its competitors’ and identified development recommendations to ensure investors and customers would perceive the brand to be the most innovative company in the industry."

Tech startup preparing to IPO

Recent thought leadership

In today’s competitive landscape, business transformations must be closely linked with communication strategies in order to be effective. Korn Ferry, the world’s largest executive search firm, completed a survey that found Fortune 500 Chief Communications Officers (CCOs)...

Regardless of the driving force behind a branding initiative—from clarifying brand positioning, making your brand more distinct, appealing to a new target audience or making your brand story more relevant—brand refreshes are major initiatives.