Sales Coaching Software

Better Conversations. Better Outcomes.

The AI-Powered Coaching Platform for Improving Your Conversations.

Elevate Your Impact

No more guesswork.

Equip your team and leaders with precise and personalized insights to make every communication a winning conversation with the world’s most advanced conversation intelligence platform.

No more generalized guidance.

Deliver evidence-based, personalized, AI-powered coaching that measurably improves outcomes - in revenue, customer experience, and audience perceptions.

More Than Words

Quantified enables you to unlock potential, using science-based intelligence and personalized feedback to help people become exceptional communicators in four key quadrants of human connection.

QC ScoreTM 2019 Quantified Communications

The key to effective Sales Coaching Software

Quantified is the only Dynamic AI-Powered Coaching Platform that provides a scalable, measurable, and repeatable approach to creating extraordinary communicators.

boost sales

Boost Sales

Quantified analyzes actual customer-facing conversations at the individual sales professional level, providing evidence-based performance scores with a coaching plan to improve specific communication and connection skills, proven to improve performance.

upskill talent

Upskill Talent

Managers can leverage Quantified to objectively identify the behaviors, tactics, and techniques of top performers and replicate them across the entire team with precise, AI-powered coaching to build skills at scale.

empower coaches

Empower Coaches

Individuals can take control of their development on their own schedule, accessing customized, on-demand modules to measure abilities, build skills, retest, and continually improve communication performance.

transform leaders

Transform Leaders

With objective feedback, benchmarking, and personalized guidance, any professional can develop into a communication expert, completely transforming their ability to connect, convey and convince their audiences.

Impact in Numbers

Skill Improvement in first 12 months
Increase in Revenue Per Sales Professional
Reduction in Time to Client Readiness
Lift in Customer NPS Scores
Increase in Coaching Engagement Between Managers and Teams

Quantified Experience

  • Seamless Conversation capture (live, role-play, or recorded)

  • Integrated into flow of work

  • QC Scorecard and Intelligence

  • World’s Largest Benchmarking Database

  • Ongoing, Personalized AI-powered coaching

  • Robust reporting and analytics at individual, team, and organization levels

  • Dozens of integrations with leading business systems

Who can benefit from sales coaching software?

Quantified is ideal for:

  • Sales Organizations

  • Enterprise Learning

  • Higher Education

  • Executive Leadership

Quantified enables customer-facing teams and leaders to have better conversations, create better customer experiences, and generate more revenue. See how Quantified has helped organizations like yours.

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