Communication Science Offers a Better Way to Argue

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We were honored to be asked to write a guest post for The Daily Muse, on how to disagree with co-workers without winding up in the kind of fight that will not only ruin your day, but may put your job on the line. 


We conducted some primary research on the frequency with which Americans get into serious arguments, then used our proprietary language analytics platform to evaluate over 100 pages of FBI crisis negotiations to understand the communication patterns a trained professional uses to resolve conflict in a high-stakes environment.

From this research, we discovered three ways to make sure workplace disagreements don’t escalate into destructive territory:

  1. Know your audience and mirror their language
  2. Choose your pronouns wisely
  3. Break the negativity spiral with positive language

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How to Disagree With a Co-worker Without Getting Into a Fight (Because You Don’t Have Time for That)


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