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The Key to Achieving Your Leadership Objectives: Building Employee Trust

We talk a lot about building trust here at Quantified. As communicators, we’re most successful if we can convince our audiences to trust us. They’re more likely to focus on what we’re saying (rather than sifting through our content in search of ulterior motives), more likely to internalize our key points, and more likely to…

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Perceived Authority CEOs and MBAs

What Can CEOs Teach MBA Students about Leadership Communication?

At Quantified Communications, we use data analytics to help professionals understand and improve the impact their communication has on customers, employees, and investors. We’ve worked with leadership and communications teams at leading global organizations, but we’ve also spent time working with aspiring leaders in top MBA programs.

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Analytics say: Head-to-head with Rubio, Cruz’s language fails to build trust

Last weekend’s political polls unveiled a surprise adjustment to GOP candidates’ standings: Ted Cruz’s favor among Republican voters has skyrocketed. CNN’s poll lists him in second place, with 22% support just short of Trump’s 27%. But he’s taken the lead in Iowa, with the Des Moines Register reporting Cruz is the favorite among 31% of…

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How do financial services companies and their leadership build trust?

The financial services industry continues to feel the effects of the financial crisis when it comes to trust. Recent studies have shown that only 54% of consumers trust the financial services industry, so we wondered — how can financial companies and their leadership use predictive analytics and communication best practices to generate more trust through…

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