TED Stage

The Most Amazing Moments at TED2018

TED’s annual mainstage conference always kicks off with a bang, but this year the vibe at the first session felt a little different. From the #MeToo movement to the Parkland shooting to the dark side of tech, the opening talks in Vancouver set a new kind of tone for TED. It was heavier. More emotional.…

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TED Future You

Our Favorite Talks from TED2017

Last year was my first time at TED’s mainstage conference in Vancouver, and it was an incredible whirlwind of an experience. While I was excited to hear my fellow speakers’ talks, I spent most of my time sweating my own preparation and being incredibly nervous about what speaking at TED would be like.

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tim urban ted talk

Guest Post: FunnyBizz Founder David Nihill on the Funniest TED Talks

As so many of us do, David Nihill used to have serious stage fright — the sweats, the shakes… we’re all familiar with the side effects of public speaking anxiety. But Nihill knew it was time to overcome that fear. Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule, he considered who spends the most time on…

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