5 Key Questions for Measuring Sales Enablement

One of the best approaches for ensuring more consistent progress with sales enablement efforts is to set KPIs (key performance indicators). You can then set goals, establish how to measure your pursuit of those goals, and have robust historical data to gauge moment-by-moment growth and trend lines. Whether you combine this tried and true approach…

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How to Win More Quality Sales Opportunities with the Right Sales Performance Platform

Efficiency is tightening up most revenue engines: CRMs are eliminating manual admin work; automated marketing tools allow for better timing and personalization; team-wide communication tools are more practical and intuitive than ever. But training remains trapped in conventional systems and processes. This is bad news when your organization already knows the value of shifting to…

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How to Choose the Best Sales Acceleration Software for Your Team

Sales agents’ roles are continually evolving. As eCommerce sales turn to self-service models and B2B marketing efforts turn toward hyper-personalized account-based marketing efforts, it can feel like the path to a successful sale is getting narrower and narrower. But sales teams equipped with the right technology and training tools can continue to thrive in modern…

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The Different Sales Manager Roles You Need for High-Growth Organizations in 2022

Being a successful sales manager certainly means leading a team that converts many prospects into customers. But that isn’t all it entails. What qualities and skills do you need to build the foundation that facilitates this kind of success?  High-growth organizations understand that sales managers do far more than oversee sales operations. The position itself…

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Coaching: Building and Improving a Culture of Sales Training

Keys for Building and Improving a Culture of Sales Training

No matter how you approach your sales training process, the goal remains the same: build a company culture of efficient self-management towards the company’s goals. Doing so requires conditioning your sales team in a consistent way that makes them confident they are being led to ever-increasing performance during their sales calls, and one thing that…

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Selling the Importance of Sales Training to the Exec Team

Sales leaders are often in a difficult situation. You must keep yourself and the team up-to-date with new product releases and features to close more sales, yet you can’t afford to lose time with training. Sales reps also struggle to remember the information they learn. According to Gartner, sales reps forget up to 70% of…

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young professionals checking a Sales Acceleration Platform

Ultimate Guide to Sales Acceleration Platforms

The increased adoption of technology in the business industry has led to business processes becoming more streamlined than ever before, and various processes can now be completed more efficiently, within a shorter period of time. Given that sales are the business function mostly associated with revenue generation, enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness can positively impact…

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