Warren Buffett

Reading between the lines of Berkshire Hathaway’s 2015 shareholder letter

On Saturday, Warren Buffett released his much anticipated 2015 letter to Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders. After the release, Fortune noted with some surprise that, despite the market’s rocky year and Buffett’s history of offering reassuring communication in such times, the CEO remained “silent on stocks” in this year’s letter.

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In eight national addresses, the story of a historic presidency

This post was originally published on Bloomberg Politics on January 13, 2016. Seven years ago, newly elected President Barack Obama addressed lawmakers in the shadow of a devastating economic crisis but buoyed by the promise of change he’d campaigned on. On Tuesday night, Obama returned to the same podium for his final State of the Union address, with an economy in much better shape but…

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Analytics say: Head-to-head with Rubio, Cruz’s language fails to build trust

Last weekend’s political polls unveiled a surprise adjustment to GOP candidates’ standings: Ted Cruz’s favor among Republican voters has skyrocketed. CNN’s poll lists him in second place, with 22% support just short of Trump’s 27%. But he’s taken the lead in Iowa, with the Des Moines Register reporting Cruz is the favorite among 31% of…

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