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Sales Readiness Tools: The Role of AI-Based Training

Sales Readiness Tools for Virtual Sales Interactions Regardless of their industry, sales teams around the world have been forced to transform their sales-readiness programs. In the process, sales managers have found the way they deliver training has become even more pivotal.  The following data from Harvard Business Review (HBR) can be helpful in illustrating current…

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Public Speaking by the Numbers: A Stanford University Perspective

Every higher-education professor knows the importance of public speaking for their students’ academic and professional success, and the students understand that public speaking—and communication in general—is a skill they need to learn. But the questions of what exactly strong communication is and how to go about improving have, for a long time, had somewhat murky…

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An MBA Candidate’s Key to Career Success

It’s no secret that an MBA is a leg up in the world of corporate recruiting—a sort of shortcut on the path to that dream job. In fact, the 2017 GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey found that, of the 859 global companies that responded, 86 percent planned to hire recent MBA grads in 2017, compared to…

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Our Prediction for 2018: The Year of Voice

Hello, and happy new year! As we think about our work in the area of measuring human communication, we can’t help but notice the massive shift happening in people’s behavior as we start to use voice more than fingers to communicate with and through technology.

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