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“Tell Me About Yourself.” How to Craft a Compelling Personal Narrative

If you’ve ever been to a job interview—or an interview for just about anything, for that matter, you’ve fielded the request, “Tell me about yourself.” It seems innocuous and oh-so simple, doesn’t it? But chances are, that question has made you feel like a deer in headlights at least once. “Tell her about myself? What…

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Video Interview Skills for Corporate Recruiting2

As Corporate Recruiting Evolves, Job Seekers Focus on Video Interview Skills

Traditionally, corporations flock to universities several times per year for career fairs, where they collect resumes, hold screening interviews, and set up next steps with interested, qualified candidates. But over the past several years, the number of organizations willing and able to dedicate the time, resources, and personnel to these events has dwindled. Instead, companies…

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