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How to Move Your Audience to Action—Every Single Time

Think about the last presentation you gave, whether it was to your employees, your investors, or your customers. What was your goal? What did you want your audience to understand at the end of your talk? More importantly, what did you want them to do as a result of listening to you?

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AI’s New Year’s Resolutions for Education

Everywhere you look in the weeks leading up to and following New Year’s Eve, people are making predictions for the year to come. Economic forecasts, political projections, pop culture forecasts. You name it, we’re predicting it.

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Bridging the Gap Between Liberal Arts Education and Critical Job Skills

More and more in our evolving economy, we hear that employers are struggling to find applicants with the critical job skills they’re looking for (chief among them being communication), and that struggle has led to calls for higher education institutions to shift their focus from a broad liberal arts education to a more concrete, skills-based…

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In the Higher Ed Classroom, Finding Tech You Can Trust

As educational technology (“ed tech”) carves out a growing space for itself in classrooms at all levels, the proliferation of vendors and offerings has led to an understandable mistrust of the hundreds of flashy tools promising instantaneous improvements and rapid transformations in the classroom.

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Developing Transformational Leaders for a Changing World

Once upon a time, leadership was a little more standard than it is today. Would-be executives emerged from MBA programs into a corporate world in which, for the most part, they knew what to expect. Business as usual was the norm. Today, however, the status quo is anything but, with the World Economic Forum reporting on…

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Combining Classroom and Online Courses to Improve Learning

Online learning often gets a bad rap. As we’ve written before, the remote, automated nature of these programs can make them feel too low-touch to provide the same quality learning experience students can receive in the classroom. And often, that’s the case. When each student is simply clicking through a standardized lesson and answering a…

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Beyond Theory: Making Room for Practice in Higher Education

There’s a problem plaguing corporate learning and development leaders: to put it simply, they can’t get trainings to “stick” in employees’ brains, so they struggle to achieve significant returns on investments—not to mention increases in productivity and engagement.

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To Give MBA Graduates a Real Advantage, Focus on Communication

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, 89 percent of employers are planning to increase the number of MBA graduates they hire, and they expect to offer those MBA grads a median starting salary of $110,000 compared to $60,000 for those with only a bachelor’s. So what’s setting those MBA grads ahead of the pack?…

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