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Feeling like a Leader? Here’s How to Sound like One, Too

The drive to make a difference—in the office, at home, in society—is a common sentiment, but as we all know, it’s easier to dream about change than to enact it. In a recent Forbes article, lawyer and career strategist Avery Blank outlines five ways to develop the confidence you need to become a leader and empower yourself…

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No More Excuses: Why Every Executive Needs Communication Training

According to a recent survey of nearly one thousand US workers, 91 percent of employees say communication issues can prevent effective leadership in countless ways—from not giving clear directions to failing to earn employee trust to presenting more as automaton than human. What’s more, we know that businesses as small as one hundred employees spend, on…

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How to Give Presentation Feedback So Your CEO Will Listen

If a company is a ship, the CEO is the captain, but she’s also the figurehead—the face of the company. As such, she’s constantly under pressure to shape its reputation and standing with key stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, and community members. And the way the CEO communicates with those stakeholders drives their perceptions of…

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Why Are Speakers 19% Less Confident in Impromptu Settings?

One of the advantages of QC’s global communication database is that it allows us to look for aggregate trends in communication styles. For example, we use our proprietary language analytics platform to measure close to 1,000 earnings calls every quarter. And every quarter, we see a similar pattern:

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