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Finally. A Definitive Measurement of Sales Skills

Quantified measures messaging, sales capabilities, and connection behaviors. You can assess your skills relative to peers, the industry, and aspirational benchmarks. And it’s not static. Practice through realistic, AI-simulated role play to continuously improve skills.

QC ScoreTM 2019 Quantified Communications

Behavioral Assessments

Advances in technology and AI have finally made it possible to accurately measure how well someone performs in a sales conversation. Everything we do is grounded in behavioral science and data so scoring is evidence-based and objective.

QC Scorecard Unbiased Assessments
QC Scorecard Effective Measurements

More than Words

We analyze 1,400+ behavioral signals from every live, recorded, or AI-simulated role-play video to generate scores on messaging, sales capabilities, and communication style. This score indexes individual strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Quantified Improvements

Based on your business goals and talent capabilities, we partner with you to develop the growth plans for your team, your department, or your organization. We offer adaptive learning technology, feedback, measurement, and expert coaching to rapidly improve sales performance.

QC Scorecard Quantified Improvement


The Science Behind Quantified

WP science behind qc

Learn more about our Scoring Methodology and Quantified’s highly effective, research-based, and validated method for evaluating and improving sales skills.

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