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Transform your students into inspiring leaders who know how to effectively present themselves and communicate with any audience. Our AI Simulation and Coaching Platform makes it fun for students to practice with our realistic, AI simulator in a private space and get objective, personalized feedback to grow their skills.

Higher Education Programs

solutions enterprise learning communication skills

Communication Skill Programs

Support and teach students on the #1 skills gap identified by recruiters, administrators, and senior management.

solutions enterprise learning workshops


Conduct engaging workshops to give students the time to focus on their skills in a fun, less intimidating environment.

solutions highered executiveeducation

Executive Education

Offer role-playing simulation practice that targets the skills that your leaders want to develop, such as executive presence, influencing with impact, sales, and handling difficult conversations.


stanford uni

"The thorough and objective insights from Quantified provides my graduate students with invaluable, personalized, and actionable guidance. Everyone can benefit from using this amazing and innovative platform.”

Professor, Management Communications, Stanford

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See how behavioral science, experiential learning, realistic simulations, and AI work together to enable more effective, frequent practice and coaching for better performance.

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