We love working here. We think you would, too.

We are a force that is cracking the code on how to rapidly close the communications skills gap. Our team is composed of driven people from different backgrounds in different stages of life, who are all passionate about solving the communication challenges that individuals, teams, and organizations face. We're highly motivated, and we're obsessed with improving communication for ourselves, our clients, and millions of people.

We couldn't be more excited to tackle these challenges together, and hope you join us on this journey.

Sneak Peek at Quantified

Some of us are communication experts, others are competitive public speakers, data scientists and engineers, and others are here to make sure we deliver insightful and effective results to our clients. We care about each other, our office dogs, our bowling averages, and Wednesday taco specials.

Our Values



We are committed to learning and possibility.



We believe growth comes from a happy heart.



We empower success with measured improvements.



We run on data, not opinions.



We know that innovation starts with empathy.

Open Positions

Executive Communication Coach

Quantified Communications executive coaches are world-class public speaking experts and strategists prepared to fully integrate our data-driven approach into their coaching practice.  

Our coaches work with everyone from Fortune 500 executives to politicians to TED speakers. They develop and conduct group workshops on effective communication skills to top global companies and write thoughtful, prescriptive recommendations for our various offerings.

Our coaches are business savvy professionals able to adapt their styles to fit the needs of each unique client, all while keeping abreast of the latest trends in communication science and theory.



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Expert Panelist

Quantified Communications' expert panel is an important component to
our measurement and feedback system. The panel watches videos of
communications from executives, global leaders, professionals, TED
Speakers and graduate students, and completes Likert-style surveys about
various presentation skills. In some cases, we also ask for your qualitative
feedback on the speaker.

Please note our panelist requirements below:
Holds an advanced degree in Communication or other relevant fields
experience as a communication coach or instructor, provides timely response to email and able to work virtually

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are also dedicated to greater diversity and inclusion within our own organization and individuals seeking employment at Quantified Communications are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, martial status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Quantified Gives Back

In 2017 we launched a volunteering initiative, and we purposefully take one day each quarter to give back to our vibrant Austin community.

Quantified Communications Community Work
Quantified Communications volunteer efforts
Quantified Communications community involvement

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