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May 2020 Newsletter

Leadership and Communication in the New Normal

The last 8 weeks have been like no other, it’s easy to be exhausted, especially since there’s still quite a lot of slog left to go. But we love to see people rise up, adapt to change, and boldly lead from the front through these tough times. In our first issue of this revised newsletter, we have a lot to share! We have an upcoming webinar, product news, best practices, tips and tricks, shout-outs, and my new book available to order.

Have a look and let us know how we can help you during these unprecedented times.

Be safe and be well,
CEO and Co-Founder, Quantified 


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Webinar - Best Practices for Leading Company Culture in the Digital World

The way we work, learn, and interact with the world at large changed almost overnight with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we consider the new normal, we must determine what the proper mix of remote work and in-person work looks like and acknowledge the impact this environment has on our ability to lead, include, and influence. 

I'm gathering three of my favorite forward-thinkers on culture to hear from them about how leadership is evolving. Please join us live on May 22 at 1pm CDT. Seating is limited so register today!


Platform Spotlight - Assess & Improve Video Communication Skills

Being flexible is the key to success during this crisis, and a huge part of that is moving business operations—and communication—online. Effective online communication requires a unique set of skills, and we continue to help people hone those skills in this virtual-only world. Without an in-person audience, our analytics demonstrate that people especially struggle with how to engage their audiences and how to use appropriate facial expressions on camera.

Want to see how well your organization is doing in connecting over video? Quantified can run an assessment of your team's video presentation skills and give you a QC Score and a personalized action plan to improve. Request a demo to see how easy it is to assess, develop, and improve your team's overall communication skills whether for online or in-person environments. 


Insights into Influence


Insights into Influence is my upcoming book filled with insights from data and behavior experts, neuroscientists and influential leaders. Within its pages, we share the best anecdotes that we’ve encountered in years of hands-on fieldwork, paired with proven, practical frameworks that you can get started with right now.  

Order the upcoming release today!

How to Introduce Yourself on Video

Introducing Yourself on Video

When you lead meetings and presentations online, getting the attention of the virtual room poses a brand new challenge. Learn how to start every video off on the right foot.

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Remote learning and development

L&D from a Distance

Now is the perfect time to offer skills training remotely while weathering this storm. Learn how you can convert face-to-face learning opportunities into virtual experiences.

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Earnings Call

Earnings Calls in a Crisis

It’s a good bet that this year’s financial reports will be concerning for many companies. Here's how to share your financial position in a way that encourages investors to stick with you.

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Uncertain Times Demand Trust

Conflicting information and fear have spread as fast as the coronavirus itself. Learn how leaders can build trust to reduce anxiety and rebuild confidence in the path forward.

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Video call in the age of social distancing

What Are You Looking At?

In face-to-face conversations, it’s easy to see where others are looking. But on video conferences, it’s harder to track. How does virtual communication impact behavior?    

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Why remote meetings don't feel the same

Science of Remote Meetings

If you’ve got Zoom fatigue these days, you’re not alone. There’s a scientific reason video calls feel harder than in-person meetings.

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