Case Study: Enterprise Learning

With a large global workforce, this technology leader
was looking to update and modernize their development
programs. Business leaders wanted a scalable yet personalized way to
develop communication skills with a program that was accessible and easy to fit into their schedules. The talent team sought data-backed, quantified results they could use to both measure personal improvement and to relate directly to business performance. 

They turned to Quantified Communications for an innovative communication skills development platform to meet their needs that were no longer being met by traditional L&D programs.

Enterprise Learning Case Study

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  • how the program improved the employees' communication effectiveness by 24%
  • which areas saw the most improvement for individuals
  • the impact this skills training had on organizational performance

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What our clients are saying


Wow, this totally changes the way I give my CEO feedback.



- Fortune 50 CMO




"This is like Fitbit for my communications."



- Fortune 10 CEO



"QC has been integral in giving our Executive MBAs incisive feedback and developmental tools to improve their communication, and their leadership communication data is unprecedented."

 - Management Professor, Top 20 Business School