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Build a Customer Success Team of Exceptional Communicators

The Human Connection. Informed by Science. Powered by AI.

Quantified gives Customer Success teams science-backed insights and AI-based conversation skills coaching that makes enhancing the customer experience and creating trusting relationships a breeze.

Why Customer Success Leaders Love Us

Quantified uses behavioral science and AI to power our Sales Coaching AI Platform, giving Customer Success leaders the insights they need to objectively measure and improve their team’s communication capabilities to make stronger customer connections and drive renewals and growth.

Pinpoint Which Techniques Resonate with Customers

Leverage our AI to quickly and accurately identify effective conversation skills based on audience-scored assessments of real-world customer success team conversations to learn which conversation behaviors translate to the best customer experience.

Analyze Data
objectively measure success

Objectively Measure Customer Success Team Performance

Quantified’s deep-learning AI automatically evaluates each Customer Success rep on live, recorded or simulated video calls, capturing individual communication skills across 1,400 verbal and non-verbal performance behaviors to understand how reps are being perceived by customers, predict retention, and help prevent churn.

Improve Interpersonal Skills

Provide reps with access to objective, personalized feedback on a continuous basis, with standardized performance scores and benchmarking, accurate customer perception predictions, and an always-accessible path to develop conversational skills.

Financial-Services-AI-Powered Rep Coaching
coach up every rep

Coach Up Every Rep via Experiential Learning

Let your top performers provide the benchmark of success for other reps, using their high-scoring behaviors as the gold standard with scenario-based training, realistic avatar simulations and personalized coaching modules that develop reps so the entire team is successful.

Certify Your Reps at Scale

Personalize training without manual work. Our automated platform enables you to automate training into existing workflows so there are no limits to how far you scale coaching. Your Customer Success team will be ready for anything.

certify your reps at scale
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Get Your Reps Up to Speed Quickly

Onboard new hires quickly so they have more confidence and bring greater value to the organization faster, providing them with clear goals and an engaging track to achieve them.

Why Customer Success Reps Love Us

Most Customer Success reps appreciate autonomy as long as they have the resources they need to be successful. Quantified serves as their go-to tool for ongoing improvement, feedback, and personal growth.

personal sales coach

A Virtual Conversation Coach

The Quantified cloud-based platform gives reps 24/7 access to continual assessments of their current skills with a proven development path they can own at their convenience and frequency without limitations.

Stress-Free Conversation & Skill Practice

Personalize coaching to fit every rep where they are, at the right time, with the most relevant skills training.

Quantified’s Sales Coaching AI Platform provides reps with an objective assessment of their real-world and simulated customer conversations, personalized guidance, and AI-powered coaching. They can build their skills, remeasure, practice, and measure again until they reach their goals and the set benchmarks.

We provide hundreds of our own proven coaching materials, but our AI-powered platform can integrate your existing training material and maximize its impact by offering it to reps when they are receptive and working on a related performance gap.

conversation skills

Powerful Intelligence

Quantified provides Customer Success managers, coaches, and leaders access to leaderboards, certifications, top-performing scripts and videos, and customer success methodology insights.

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