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Soft Skills Are in Demand. Can They Be Measured?

Whether or not soft skills are important in the workplace is no longer up for debate. We’ve written in depth about the topic, and we’re not the only ones. LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report identified soft skills as the biggest trend transforming the talent landscape, with 80 percent of respondents saying employees’ soft skills are…

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Edelman 2019 Trust Barmoter

The Key to Achieving Your Leadership Objectives: Building Employee Trust

We talk a lot about building trust here at Quantified. As communicators, we’re most successful if we can convince our audiences to trust us. They’re more likely to focus on what we’re saying (rather than sifting through our content in search of ulterior motives), more likely to internalize our key points, and more likely to…

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The Power of Marginal Gains in Communication Performance

Whether you’re an aspiring TED speaker or a leader climbing toward the C-Suite, you recognize that your communication skills will play a huge role in getting you to the top. But when it comes to developing those skills, there are so many factors to focus on and, usually, so much room for improvement, that the…

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QC’s Favorite 2018 Commencement Speeches

At Quantified Communications, one of our favorite things about spring is commencement season. Every year in May and June, we get to enjoy a series of talks from some of the world’s best-known leaders and influencers in politics, business, and entertainment. And every year, we look forward to identifying some of our favorites.

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TED Stage

The Most Amazing Moments at TED2018

TED’s annual mainstage conference always kicks off with a bang, but this year the vibe at the first session felt a little different. From the #MeToo movement to the Parkland shooting to the dark side of tech, the opening talks in Vancouver set a new kind of tone for TED. It was heavier. More emotional.…

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