You want your financial communications to inspire confidence in your future.

We help CFOs and investor relations professionals evaluate, track, and improve how their communications impact analyst ratings, investor perception and shareholder value.

Measure your most critical financial communications against competitive and industry benchmarks and best-in-class standards.

  • Earnings calls
  • Analyst and investor days
  • Conference presentations
  • Shareholder letters
  • Annual reports

You can't always control the financial performance, but you can control the way you communicate about it.

No matter where the numbers fall, how can you be sure your communication will foster investors' trust in your organization, and confidence in its future? Quantified Communications can work with your investor relations team to measure your historical financial communication, identify its strengths and any areas that may cause confusion or concern for investors, and show you exactly how to communicate even more effectively with your investors.


Step 1: Financial Communication Diagnostic

We start by analyzing your previous financial communications to find out how effectively your leadership impacts your shareholder, investor, and analyst audiences, and how that communication compares to competitors and other companies in your industry.


Step 2: Feedback, Recommendations, and Improvement Plans

Building on our initial analytics, we identify your strengths and development opportunities, and we use that data to create an improvement plan – outlining exactly what you need to do to maximize the impact of your content and management team for all audiences. 


Step 3: Ongoing Tracking

Our analysts and coaches continue to measure and support your improvement in future financial communications — from investor days, to shareholder letters, to earnings calls — on a regular basis, so you can see just how much you've improved over time, and where there's still room for development.

Client stories

FORTUNE 50 Technology

Our client wanted the prepared remarks section of its earnings calls to match the more natural tone of the Q&A. We provided data-driven recommendations to help the scriptwriter craft remarks that more closely aligned with the CFO’s personal voice, resulting in a clearer, more engaging earnings call. Investors appreciated the improvement.


Our client wanted to proactively improve its communications to boost financial media sentiment. We ran a sentiment and topical analysis of the client’s media coverage to help identify reporters who were bullish on the industry. Empowered with our data, the client was able to target the right reports and increase media sentiment by over 20%.


As a new CFO prepared for her first earnings call, we analyzed her public speaking skills compared to her predecessor and her primary competitors. We armed the CFO with the data and rehearsal preparation necessary to make her first call resonate, helping her earn investors’ and analysts’ trust right away.

Recent thought leadership

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Whether your company is a recent IPO or a sturdy fixture in the S&P 500, shareholders recognize that even healthy companies and strong leadership teams miss estimates. When this happens, the challenge for management is to effectively communicate the factors leading to the miss without losing analysts’ and investors’ trust.

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A data-driven case for CEOs to participate in earnings calls

Earlier this month, Jaime Dimon, JPMorgan Chase’s Chairman and CEO, concluded his remarks on the company’s earnings conference call with some surprising news for investors: going forward, he no longer plans to attend future earnings calls.

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